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Our ministries seek to meet the diverse spiritual, emotional, and practical needs of our church and the broader community. These ministries serve as avenues through which individuals can grow in their faith, find support and fellowship, and engage in meaningful acts of service and outreach. Whether through worship, discipleship, outreach, or care ministries, each facet plays a vital role in nurturing the spiritual vitality of the church body and equipping believers to live out their faith in tangible ways. By working together in unity and love, these ministries seek to glorify God, build up His kingdom, and bring hope and healing to a world in need.

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Our preschool ministry provides a nurturing and age-appropriate environment where your young can encounter the love of God, explore foundational biblical truths, and develop social and cognitive skills through play-based learning experiences.

Director: Ashley Stricker

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Our women's ministry is a intimate and safe space where women come together to foster spiritual growth, provide mutual support, and address the unique challenges and opportunities they face in their faith journeys.

Director: Catherine Garduno

Taco Meal


Join us every Wednesday night at 5:30 pm for a warm and welcoming free meal ministry where everyone is invited to share in good food and fellowship. Following the meal, engage in enriching Bible studies tailored for all ages, fostering spiritual growth and community connection.

Director: Nancy Pepper

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Our children's ministry creates a vibrant, fun, and engaging space where children can grow in their relationship with Jesus, experience His love through interactive teachings and activities, and build a strong foundation of faith that will guide them throughout their lives.

Director: Debbie Wagner

Fishing at Sunset


Our men's ministry is a supportive and brotherly environment where men explore their faith, tackle life's challenges, and cultivate authentic relationships while growing together in their spiritual journey.

Director: Ed Pierce

Holy Books


Our homebound ministry lovingly extends the church's care and community to those members of our congregation who are unable to attend services in person, ensuring they remain an integral part of our church family. Through visits, calls, and texts, we maintain a heartfelt connection, offering support, companionship, and spiritual nourishment to those at home.

Director: Kathryn Briscoe

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Our youth ministry empowers young people to navigate the complexities of adolescence with the unwavering support of a community rooted in Christ, fostering spiritual growth, authentic relationships, and a passion for serving others in the name of Jesus.

Director: Sandy Lawler

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Senior Adult

Our senior adults ministry is a vibrant and caring community where older individuals find fellowship, support, and opportunities for continued spiritual growth and service tailored to their unique life experiences and needs.

Director: Sandy Harriman

Walking Aid

Health & Rehab

Our health and rehab ministry compassionately reaches out to individuals in the local nursing home, bringing the light of scripture reading and the joy of worship into their lives. This dedicated service creates moments of spiritual upliftment and connection, watering our conviction to sharing God’s love with everyone, regardless of their circumstances.

Director: Johnny Davis

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