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Our church's heart beats with a sacrificial aspiration, desiring not to be the foremost in the community, but rather, the foremost for the community. Our mission statement, "equipping all generations to impact lives for Christ," serves as the guiding light, inspiring every endeavor and outreach effort. With a steadfast commitment to nurturing individuals of all ages, we strive to empower each member to make a meaningful difference in the lives they touch, embodying the true essence of service and love. 



First Baptist Church, founded on January 8th, 1882, began its journey with humble gatherings under the shelter of oak trees behind the old Adams National Bank, guided by a Christian heart seeking to spread God's word. Transitioning to meetings in the local schoolhouse, the congregation's commitment to serving the community led them to raise their first dedicated meeting place by 1890. Over the years, driven by the needs of the growing fellowship and guided by their faith, the church relocated several times, culminating in our present site at 308 W Hondo Ave in 1951, where we continue the mission to serve and worship.

Just as the trees under which the first meetings were held stand tall with roots growing deeper and branches reaching higher into the sky, the church too is flourishing, growing stronger and more steadfast with each passing year.


Our heart is united in a profound commitment to serve, love, and lead with humility, reflecting Jesus Christ in every action and decision. Grounded in faith, we are dedicated to nurturing a welcoming, compassionate community where every individual is valued and empowered to grow spiritually. Together, we strive to embody the grace and truth of the gospel, reaching out with open hearts to serve our congregation and extend God's love to the community around us.

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